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Unlimited Twitter Followers FAQ's

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and posted the answers here.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you do not see the answer to any questions/concerns that you may have.

Q:  Why do I need to provide my Twitter login details in order to get followers?

A:  We need your login information so that we can login to your Twitter account and begin the management and growth of your account.  We use state of the art technology, and a proven system that we have perfected, in order to provide the highest quality followers at a very rapid rate.  These followers will be real people following you in your Twitter account. Our service is the fastest, safest, and deemed to be the best in this industry.

Q:  Are my Twitter login details safe?

A:  Absolutely!  We take the security of your Twitter account very seriously.  We do not store your username or password.  Your Twitter username and Password is entered into our system initially, and then they are deleted. Once the management of your Twitter account has been completed, your login details are purged from our system and cannot be retrieved.

Q:  Will you post "Tweets" from my Twitter account while managing it?

A:  No! Under no circumstances would we ever post any messages from your Twitter account. You are the only one who should ever post messages from your account.   

Q:  How long will it take for me to start getting followers once my order has been placed?

A:  This depends on the number of orders that we have to process at any given time. Generally, work will begin on your Twitter account within 24 hours, but it is normally much sooner.  We will notify you via e-mail once work has begun on your Twitter account.

Q:  I have placed my order. Now what?

A:  Once your order is received, we will take note of the number of followers you have in your Twitter account before work begins.  Once the specified number of followers have been delivered to your Twitter account, we will send you a status report via e-mail.

Q:  Is there anything special I must do?  Or is there anything I should not do once you begin managing and growing my Twitter account?

A:  There are no restrictions. There is nothing special that you will need to do.  Feel free to login to your Twitter account at anytime to post tweets, conduct business as usual, and watch your account grow!

Q:  Will you accept all types of Twitter accounts?

A:  No.  We will not accept accounts that promote hate, contain adult material, gambling, or spam of any kind.  We reserve the right to reject any account that we feel does not quite meet these standards.

Q:  What are untargeted Twitter follower Packages?

A:  Untargeted Follower packages are ideal for extremely rapid follower growth.  The followers are real people that could be from any industry and can be from any area of interest.

Q:  What are targeted Twitter follower Packages?

A:  Targeted Follower packages are ideal for specific industries or areas of special interest.  * Keywords are required for this package so that we can send you followers that are targeted to your specific business niche or area of interest.  Remember, if you are marketing your products or services to people that are already interested in your area of expertise, then there is a much greater chance that they will purchase your products or services.

Q:  What are business Twitter follower Packages?

A:  Business follower packages include: targeted followers, custom Twitter page, up to three auto marketing messages(tweets) sent out twice daily, and a link to your website.  This package is ideal for businesses that want to establish a powerful online Twitter presence quickly, cost effectively, and without having to spend lots of time.  For this package we will require keywords, and Three marketing messages that you can compose to promote your business.  The marketing messages must be no longer than 140 characters.  We will contact you for this information via e-mail before work on your Twitter account begins.

Q:  What is a Twit-Trial?

A:  A Twit-Trial is our way of introducing our company, and allowing you to sample the quality of our service before you make the commitment to make a larger purchase.  With the Twit-Trial you will receive 500 untargeted followers to your Twitter account, for a special introductory price of only $4.95.  This way you can determine if the service we offer suits your needs and is right for your business.   We feel confident that you'll be pleased with our service.  Try it now! Upgrade later!

Q:  What do I get with the custom Twitter page?

A:  You must first have a Twitter account and provide us with the Twitter account Login details (username and password)  Once we login to your account, we can set it up for you according to your specific requirements.  We will gather details from you via e-mail correspondences.  We can create custom backgrounds, upload special pics, or design the Twitter page to fit the theme of your specific niche or industry.  This process may take up to 24 hours to complete, but can normally be accomplished in much less time. The time it takes to complete, depends on our workload, and your specific requirements.

Q:  How many followers can I expect to get with the unlimited 3 month follower packages?

A:  That is hard to say. We have seen some clients get 30,000 followers others 16,000 followers.  The number of followers varies greatly primarily depending on whether or not you are looking for targeted or untargeted followers.  Typically if you seek highly targeted followers to your specific business or niche, then you will most likely not get as many followers than if you were simply looking for any and all followers.  It is important to remember though, that people that are following you because they are interested in your products or services are much more likely to purchase from you as opposed to tons of followers that are not all that interested in what you have to offer.

Q:  Do you have any account examples or past work I can view?

A:  Yes.  We have been given permission to showcase the Twitter account http://www.twitter.com/ncmusclecar  Please use this as an example of basic design, and overall quality of service.  Guaranteed followers! If you'd like to see more examples, please feel free to contact us and we can show you a few of our own personal Twitter accounts.

Q:  I only want to have followers.  I do not wish to follow other people.  Will this be ok?

A:  There is a direct relationship between followers and following.  In order for the process to work you will initially be following more people, but once the management of your account is completed, and the followers have been delivered, you'll be able to unfollow as you choose.  It is hard to ask others to follow us if we are not willing to follow other people as well.

Q:  Do I need to keep following these users after the work has been completed?

A:  No.  If you really want to, you can remove those users that you do not wish to follow, or you can ask us to do it for you.  We must warn you however, that by not maintaining the 1:1 following/follower ratio you will lose some followers.  We highly recommend the 1:1 following/follower ratio and so do about 80-90% of our clients.  

Do you still have a question that hasn't been posted here?  Contact us at info@unlimitedtwitterfollowers.com



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